Thermo Transit Technologies Pty Ltd – Barnaclerid

Barnaclerid is an electronic, computerised, nontoxic copper electrode anti fouling system. Barnaclerid prevents barnacle growth on your boat’s hull and submerged running gear, shafts, props and rudders.

Barnaclerid creates an invisible nontoxic copper ion cloud under the vessel creating an undesirable environment for barnacles, hard shell growth, preventing attaching themselves to your vessel.

Barnaclerid is an Australian designed and manufactured electronic copper Ion anti fouling system, with over 9 years of proven results.

Barnaclerid is a green friendly product creating no harm to marine life or humans. Barnaclerid does not cause electrolysis and requires no hull modification for its installation.

Barnaclerid has an over 9 years proven track record all around world. It works on all types of vessel sizes and build compounds, steel, alloy, fibreglass, Ferro, plastic and wood. It supports all permanent marina size installations on your dock.


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