The SOS Recovery Ladder answers the question for all boaters. How do I get back on board?

SOS Marine is offering the first 24 YA affiliated sailing clubs that have rescue craft the opportunity to buy an SOS Rescue Ladder for half price.

The SOS Recovery Ladder will help get the sailors back on board. It`s easy to set up and quick to deploy. Even if you either go intentionally for a swim or fall overboard most boats do not have an ability to get you back on board. “If you don’t have some method in place it is too late to figure how to get a tired and exhausted person back on board,” says SOS Marine spokesperson.

It is difficult or near impossible to lift a person in wet clothes from the water level to the deck of your boat.

The SOS Recovery Ladder advantage is easy to deploy as it`s designed for simplicity and speed.  The compact bag is an integral part of the ladder.  The SOS Recovery Ladder is incorporated and packed into a high visibility neon yellow mesh bag weighting around 3.3kilos and folded is only 500mm x 300mm, size. It has 4 deck attaching points and 6 mounting steps and a deployed length of 2.25 metres.

The SOS Recovery Ladder is rescue ready as it can be used in conjunction with lifting halyards attached to the outer end of the ladder to assist hoisting a person on board.

Injured or disabled crew can be horizontally lifted with black and tackle or halyard attached to bottom end lifting eye.  The horizontal posture is important for a hypothermic victim.

SOS Marine is keeping it simple by improving affordable rescue equipment for both marine professionals and the leisure industry.

The high quality and unique design of SOS Marine`s equipment is so well respected and highly regarded that 14 National Defence Forces worldwide are experiencing the SOS Marine Australian quality. Rec Retail $175.00

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