StartWarrior® is an all-new Australian-made, battery-less jump-starter with a flotilla of features. This list will please any powerboat and yacht owner who’s ever got stuck on the water with a flat battery. They include:
• Zero maintenance
• Unlimited repeat starts
• Ability to charge off a flat battery
• Anti-corrosion, waterproof design for durability in harsh environments
• Long operating life – 10 years and more than 500,000 starts
• And our favourite – it floats if you drop it overboard!

Using a radical new technology – ultra-capacitors, engineers at Startwarrior® have done away with batteries and made Startwarrior the most powerful handheld jump-starter available today. It’s clear interface, automated operation and in-built LED array, makes for a safe and straightforward start even in the most awkward situations – like in a dark hold with a following swell

With Startwarrior, never be stranded by a flat battery again.

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