GavinHodginsFlexitank (Australia) Pty Ltd, leaders in flexible polymer fabric products, announces their water bladder fabric is now 100% Australian made and exclusive to Flexitank.

Production has begun on 4×4, marine, rainwater and made to order water bladders from the new 100% Australian Made potable drinking water fabric. All tank liners, where potability is required, are also manufactured with this new fabric.

Flexitank’s Operations Manager Gavin Hodgins said: “By having a local partner involved at the design stage, we have tailored our fabric to suit the vigorous requirements of our ever expanding client base. Not only does our fabric exceed the Australian Standards for drinking water in contact with plastics, it is available with short lead times and in custom colours when required.

“At a time when Australian manufacturing is struggling, not only are we excited about our future with orders already being taken for early 2014, but we are extremely pleased to be able to buy potable fabrics again locally, something we have not been able to do since 2006.

“Combined with an 18% increase in the weight of the fabric, and reducing prices by 15% last year, Flexitank’s products offer superior durability, strength and longevity than any other potable tank fabric and we could not be happier with this development,” said Gavin Hodgins.

Available for interview:

• Gavin Hodgins, Commercial Manager, Flexitank (Australia) Pty Ltd


About Flexitank:

Flexitank (Australia) Pty Ltd is a 100% wholly Australian owned and operated business specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of a variety of products manufactured from flexible polymer fabric. As part of The FloatPac Group, whose beginnings date back to 1987, Flexitank (Australia) Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s premier niche manufacturers of polymer fabric products used in recreational sport and leisure, 4×4 & SUV industries, Oil and petroleum sectors, and water-based races and events.


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