sport troika LOGOAirBerth® Boat Lifting Systems in conjunction with its new Exclusive Dealer for South Korea, Sports Troika, has just installed two new M320 AirBerth Boat Lifts in the water ski-ing resort area of Cheongpyeong.

Based in Cheongpyeong, South Korea, Sports Troika is an established company in the water sports industry, as well as an exclusive dealer for Malibu® Boats.  With strong ties to the Wake Bay Resort, in Cheongpyeong, Sports Troika is hoping to establish a niche market in the skiing and water sports segment with the AirBerth® boat lifts, before moving on to the general market.

Managing Director of Sport Troika, Ms Wha Bae Kim said, “We are very excited to take on the AirBerth® boat lifting system!   It fits in with our ethos to allow our customers to have fuller and richer boating experience.”

“Raising in just under two minutes, an AirBerth will allow our customers to spend more time on the water Ski-ing, wake boarding and wake surfing and less time trailering boats and worrying about where to store their boats over winter.”

She added, “AirBerth’s tough HDPE construction, means that the boat can be stored on the AirBerth over winter, an added benefit in markets like Korea, where land based storage is at a premium.”

AirBerth® is a leading boat lift manufacturer covering over 20 international markets.

“We are very excited by Wha Bae’s vision for AirBerth®!  By welcoming Sports Troika into the AirBerth® family, we further extend our presence in the South –East Asia Market, particularly in the Water skiing/Wake Boarding segment.” said Managing Director of AirBerth® Alex Chan.  He also added, “AirBerth’s ease of use and speed in launching and retrieving the boat gives back valuable leisure time back to its users.  It is the perfect lifestyle product customers in South Korea whom are already very time poor.”

AirBerth® continues to enjoy a successful year, after having picked up a Recognition Award at the ASMEX conference at Sanctuary Cove Boat Show last year as well as more recently receiving the Maritime Australia Limited – Innovation Award at Pacific 2015 from Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie (Rtd) in Sydney.