Steber Solar Sailor Bluebottle scaleA combination of cutting edge technology and unrivalled marine manufacturing will culminate in the launch of a world class, Aussie-made unmanned  surface vessel (USV) at the Pacific 2013 Defence Conference in Sydney.

The Steber Solar Sailor Bluebottle, tasked for ocean monitoring and surveillance, is a joint project between two innovative NSW companies – boat builders, Steber International and marine technology company, Solar Sailor.

Bluebottles operate on energy available at sea – solar, wave and wind and coupled with the fact they are unmanned, represent an ideal platform for low cost ocean surveillance both above and below the surface.

The conference runs from October 7-9 and the Bluebottle launch is timely as it coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy being marked by the Fleet Review in Sydney Harbour over the October long weekend.

Former Australian Prime Minister and Solar Sailor chairman, Mr Bob Hawke will help unveil the Bluebottle in the NSW Innovation Section at the Australian Convention Centre, Darling Harbour.

The Bluebottle’s unique design and technology can endure all sea conditions while providing a stable “roll-dampened” platform for above and below water surveillance with low-cost cameras and radar. It can also provide a communications link between aerial and submarine assets.

Self-deploying and self-retrieving, Bluebottles can roam widely or be kept on-station virtually indefinitely.

Defence is a key target market for this Australian USV technology, and with navies from all over the world visiting Pacific 2013, there is no doubt the SSS Bluebottle will turn plenty of heads during the three day conference.

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