OFollowing a successful Monaco Yacht Show, the Australian superyacht industry is ready to further strengthen their engagement with industry in America at the upcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

AIMEX & Superyacht Australia CEO MaryAnne Edwards commented on the importance of ensuring Australia’s capability, facilities and product and service providers are well profiled in all markets with Superyacht Australia now managing an extensive programme for their members. “Australia is now generating some excellent interest for business in the superyacht sector which is attributed to the high quality skills of our product and service providers in the industry coupled with our extensive marketing campaigns including the recently launched Superyacht Australia magazine which will be available on the stand at Ft. Lauderdale.”

Edwards further stated that she was looking forward to meeting with many key stakeholders during the show. “The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is an excellent platform to meet with industry, the Australian superyacht sector has so much to offer and we have many appointments in place already with brokers, agents and yachts wanting to discuss our facilities and capabilities in Australia.”   

The Superyacht Australia Magazine highlights the latest news from the Australian industry, this together with the recently Information Guide for Visiting Yachts which details the official regulations, requirements and capability of facilities for visiting vessels ensuring ease of access to Australia’s unique cruising grounds provide excellent information to the global industry regarding Australia. Both documents will be distributed at the show and can be located at the Australian pavilion.

Australian Pavilion exhibitors include VEEM Ltd, Muir Winches, PolyFlex Group Australia, Pyrotek Noise Control, Superyacht Australia and MagicEzy.

Australian “Exporter of the Year” VEEM Limited will be kicking off the strong Australian brands present. VEEM will be releasing details of the new VEEMgyro Stabiliser. The VEEMgyro product range currently features four models. The range has been developed specifically for the superyacht market. The range is suited to superyachts from as small as 42 tonnes right through to 3000tonne yachts. The products are packed with features that are appropriate for the high levels of performance and reliability expected by this discerning market, and especially necessary for commercial charter operations.

Exhibiting for the second consecutive year, Australian company, Pyrotek Noise Control manufactures and sells some of the most technically advanced and specialised marine noise control and fire protection materials in the world today. Pyrotek Noise Control has developed a growing export business of marine specific insulation products over the last decade, exporting to Dubai, Indonesia, China, New Zealand, USA and Taiwan.Their dynamic product range, combined with customised in-plant engineering services, is aimed at helping customers continually achieve higher quality standards and improved operating efficiencies at lower total costs. The team of product specialists and scientists assist in refining existing products and creating new materials to meet changing customer needs. This effort is supported by strategic alliances with our suppliers and backed by ISO Quality Assurance Standards in our major facilities. Pyrotek truly service customers who demand the luxury of silence.

Globally dominant company Muir Winches Australia will be showcasing their respected range of anchor windlasses, anchoring systems and deck equipment that is exported to more than 40 countries. Muir Australia is a world-leading manufacturer of marine anchor winches and windlasses, anchoring and docking systems and deck equipment for Super and Mega Yachts, Pleasure Craft, Fast Ferries and Commercial Vessels from 5 to 140 metres in length.

The dynamic Poly Flex Australia offers a range of high quality, marine specific products that have proven to be the preferred product for all ranges of marine situations.  Fitting Poly Flex engine mounts, flexible couplings, shaft couplings, instrument and machinery mounts to any vessel, be it a high class Superyacht, defence force pilot boat, fishing trawler or a recreational fishing boat, are all given the same level of expertise, care and attention. Polyflex will be a strong part of the Australian pavilion again in 2013.

Having presence at the respected show will be Australian company Magic Ezy. Magic Ezy is a manufacturer of a range of ‘world first’, patented, nano-technology surface repair products which make it easy for boat owners to perform DIY repairs on their fiberglass boats. Their products solve the key frustrations that boat owners have surrounding the time, complexity, health risks and mess that are normally involved with repairing both cosmetic and structural fiberglass damage.

The 54th annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is the largest in-water boat show in the world encompassing three million square feet of space on land and in water over six sites and attracting visitors from around the world.

The 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show will take place October 31 – November 4.  Australia has a prominent position in the designer pavilion and are once again set to make their in the US