The commercial marine sector will be the focus of targeted new research done through collaboration between RMIT University and the Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX). The research is aimed at resolving some of the challenges faced by the commercial marine industry; mainly the lack of up to date information on the shipbuilding industry, the size of the supply chain, its opportunities and the current environmental pressures faced by this sector. 

The establishment of this collaboration follows the announcement that the Australian International Marine Export Group and Superyacht Australia have established a commercial marine division under the AIMEX umbrella to support this industry sector.

Overseen by Professor Clive Morley and conducted under the MBA programme in the Graduate School of Business and Law at RMIT University, Melbourne, the research will involve significant desktop research as well as stakeholder consultations.

As a nation with an established but diverse commercial marine sector, Australia confronts challenges in sustaining the industry due to limited demand, lower economies of scale and poor continuity for investment purposes.

The existence of an effective supply chain is critical to the commercial marine sector. An important consideration in determining the capability of Australia to build and repair commercial boats and ships is the role of the many smaller companies that support the industry. However, at the top of this value chain is the commercial sectors capability and capacity to win and execute the national and international shipbuilding and repair projects.

Therefore, in order to fully understand the Australian commercial/defence marine sector, the opportunities that exist, its capacity and capability; research into the value chain that characterizes this sector is critical.

MaryAnne Edwards, AIMEX & Superyacht Australia CEO said “this collaboration is an exciting development for AIMEX and will ensure we have up to date information about this sector which will help us develop a set of strategic actions to help drive and support businesses in this industry.”