CorrosionX spray web“Some say that CorrosionX is the world`s greatest lubricant, penetrate and anti-seize.  It cleans contact points and improves connectivity. It will prevent and eliminate battery terminal corrosion without damaging plastic or rubber and we all want to use a product that is safe and least harmful” said a company spokesperson from SOS Marine.

CorrosionX is electronically safe and will not short sensitive circuits or interfere with electrical connections. It is safe to use on electrics and electronics up to 36,000 volts.

It prevents and stops corrosion, as well as, displacing moisture, salt crystals, and other corrosion causing electrolytes. It lubricates under heavy loads and high temperatures and penetrates faster and further than other penetrates through rust and corrosion.  It frees parts, bearing and valves that are seized and will create a self-healing protective film. 

CorrosionX meets the US Navy`s tough new corrosion prevention and control performance requirements. It is currently used in a multitude of applications for Navy Defence, Aviation, Marine Auto, Agriculture (food safe) and in the home.  

Corrosion X is available from SOS Marine, Whitworth`s, Southern Seas Marine and leading ship chandlers.

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