20140305_171758Despite a slow start to the Dubai International Boat Show interest in the Australian Pavilion was high with all exhibitors either making sales or some excellent leads and contacts.  Traffic was similar to last year and the quality of those who did stop in the pavilion was good.

Alan Steber from Steber International said “Although the first day of the show was slow, there was a definite improvement in attendance and enquiries on the second and following days. There is big potential for further export sales to the region especially with the announcement that Dubai is hosting the World Expo 2020.”

Mr Steber also advised AIMEX that Amiri Yachts in Doha, Qatar have 3 Steber Vessels already and are enquiring about 2 additional vessels.

Muir Winches already well-established in the UAE market was catching up with their distributors, learning more about the show and the current market opportunities.  Matthew Johnston, Managing Director said “This is the first time I have personally exhibited at this show and it certainly has been worthwhile both from a branding point of view and in getting a better feel for this market”.

Tony Russo, MultiPanel who was exhibiting within the AIMEX Pavilion was one of many Victorian companies present at the show. He felt that the number of enquiries he received was very good and emphasized again that any company that wants to do business in UAE needs to be committed and continue to invest in being present at the show over the years, as it only takes one quality customer to make the show worthwhile. MultiPanel is currently supplying UAE Gulf Craft.  

AIMEX Commercial Manager Justyn Wajler made the comment that “the contacts companies make at the shows always prove valuable and even if sales are not made directly at the show they always bear fruit later.  It is all about the follow up and having a real understanding of how the companies in the UAE operate.  Within the UAE market it is the trust in your company that is a critical factor.  That is the reason so many of the Australian companies present were now doing well, the fact that they have created a profile in this market by being committed and being present at the past few Dubai shows proved they were here to stay”.

AIMEX hosted an important networking event the evening before the Dubai International Boat Show.

The evening hosted by AIMEX alongside Austrade and the Victorian government ensured that some key contacts were made prior to the 5 day show, maximising the opportunities for the strong Australian contingent. 

There was a significant presence at the show of Victorian companies who had been strongly supported by the Victorian State Government, all reported a successful show; Activ Concepts, Barnaclerid, Belligham Marine, MultiPanel, Palm Products, Pyrotek Noise Control, Marine Tech Industries and Ronstan. Other member companies present were Coursemaster Autopilots, Hydrive Engineering, Muir Winches, Steber International, Superior Jetties and Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.