FINSCAN DIGITAL switching fitted to new rescue vessels photo 1The FinScan marine digital switching system, is a state-of-the-art electrical system installed into the
new series of 10m Naiad vessels in the Marine Rescue NSW fleet. The FinScan IntelliCORE system is
an integral part of the vessel’s functionality.

IntelliCORE is incorporated into the Naiad vessels to enable a more simple, lighter electrical system,
yet deliver a higher level of functionality. The vessels utilise FinScan’s IP65 rated touchscreens to
control all lighting, power and other peripherals, from a 7” touchscreen mounted on the helm , and
another on the port side for the navigator. The screens provide operational modes to simply press
one button on the IntelliCORE screen to automatically set up the boat for a particular use, such as
day or night time use.

Other automated controls include wiper control and various modes linking external lights to the type
of operation being performed by the vessel. Simply put, IntelliCORE allows a skipper and crew to
focus on their operational tasks , while the FinScan system operates the complexities of the vessel.
The IntelliCORE system was also installed into the NSW Water Police Naiad 9.5M vessels, capable of
speeds of up to 40 knots. IntelliCORE has operated with absolute reliability in punishing offshore
conditions .

FinScan is an Australian designer and manufacturer of marine digital switching power solutions for
leisure and commercial marine.

FinScan will be conducting detailed demonstrations of the IntelliCORE FLEX system during
the 2014 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, at Pavillion A – Booth 92.

For more information on any of our marine digital switching products, please contact our Australian
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