Australia- headquartered Life Cell Marine Safety has announced that its buoyancy device, Life Cell, has achieved SOLAS certification. The certificate of Type Approval as a Novel Life-Saving Appliance was granted by Lloyds Register under the IMO resolution A.580 (13) and the LSA code regulation I/1.2.

As well as providing Buoyancy the Life Cell also stores safety essentials

Under the rules and regulations, Life Cell is classified as a Throwable Buoyancy Device and has the capacity to support 1-4 people depending on the model. Life Cell is suitable for installation up to a height of 30 metres above the waterline and can now be used on ships bound by the International Convention of SOLAS. In addition to buoyancy, the added advantage of the Life Cell is that crew can store all essential safety equipment to notify authorities and ensure survival at sea.

One of the inventors of the Life Cell product and now a director of Life Cell Marine Safety, Scott Smiles, is extremely proud that his innovative product developed after a real life accident at sea, has been approved internationally at the highest level. “My experience made me realise how quickly things can go wrong and how critical it was to have a buoyant device, signalling equipment and an effective way of keeping everyone together once you are in the water. My mission has always been to save lives and I am pleased that this certification will allow Life Cell to be used more widely on vessels internationally”.

The UK Life Cell Agent, Pinpoint, will be exhibiting the product range at the 2017 Seawork International Exhibition 13th – 15th June (stand SB079).