Leading American Marine Outfitter to Carry Award-Winning, Australian-Made MagicEzy Boat Surface Repair Products

Kunda Park, Qld, Australia – August 4, 2014 — MagicEzy, Australian manufacturer of new MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix, MagicEzy Hairline Fix and MagicEzy Mega Fusion boat surface repair products, has announced that leading American marine outfitter Defender Industries is now offering its products to boating enthusiasts nationwide through its popular website, mail order catalog and 110,000-square-foot warehouse outlet store in Waterford, Connecticut.

Defender has been the marine outfitter of choice for American boating enthusiasts since 1938, offering a vast array of name brand, top quality products covering every aspect of boating equipment, gear and supplies.   With roots in the U.S. maritime hub of New England and a reputation that reaches worldwide, Defender prides itself on offering products that truly meet the needs of serious boaters.

“This partnership with Defender via our East Coast distributor AB Marine, is an important step in bringing our new nanotechnology-based products to a broader audience of North American boaters”, said MagicEzy CEO Warwick Lindsay.  “We’re confident that our products address an important, universal need in the market,  and will be enthusiastically received by all segments of the boating public.  Having our products easily available in this important market will be critical to future our growth and success, which is why we are so pleased to be carried by Defender.  AB Marine has played a pivotal role in securing this relationship for us,” added Warwick.

Launched earlier this year in Australia, MagicEzy products are designed to take one of boat ownership’s most common and difficult tasks — fixing chips, scratches and stress cracks — and make it easy for anyone to achieve professional results.  New MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix is a nano filler that structurally fixes and colors chips, nicks and gouges in fiberglass boats in seconds — without harsh fumes or the need for mixing two-part formulas.  

MagicEzy Hairline Fix is a nano sealant and binder developed to seal stress cracks and fine scratches in one application.   Hairline Fix was recently recognized by U.S.-based marine trade journal Boating Industry magazine as a Top Product for 2014.   Both MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix and MagicEzy Hairline Fix come in 11 popular, mixable colors to match a wide variety of boat hulls.

A third product, MagicEzy Mega Fusion Primer Sealant allows both of these surface repair products to be used on plastic and aluminum surfaces, for easy, reliable repair jobs on PWCs, aluminum boats, kayaks or canoes. 

All MagicEzy products are manufactured in Australia and designed with ease of use and professional results in mind.   Each product comes in a 0.45-ounce tube capable of making multiple repairs and sells for the affordable retail price of $24.99USD.    MagicEzy backs all of its products with a 3-Year Repair Warranty, as well as a  2-year shelf life guarantee (6-month after opening the product). 

To learn more about the MagicEzy line of products designed to make boat surface repair and maintenance easy, affordable and environmentally friendly, visit www.magicezy.com

For all online purchases through Defender online please visit http://www.defender.com/