Palm Products is to become a BPA free company.

In announcing the decision, the Managing Director, Robert Wilson, commented that this is in-line with our aim of making the world’s finest unbreakable drinkware.

In our view, Tritan – a miracle copolyester made in the USA by Eastman – is the best available material for unbreakable drinkware.

For decades, polycarbonate has been the bench-mark material for this application. Its key advantages have been its toughness and its clarity.

It has, however, 2 shortcomings – it can be attacked by dishwashing chemicals unless it is annealed, and it contains BPA. It is still approved for food contact use by US and European authorities, but is on their watch list.

Tritan has similar clarity and toughness, has superior resistance to dishwashing chemicals and is BPA free. It has proven itself in the market and is now used in a variety of sensitive applications such as baby’s drink bottles.

The Marc Newson collection is commercially dishwasher safe and is guaranteed to be unbreakable in normal use

Although the cost of Triton is significantly more than polycarbonate, the collection will not increase in price.  

We are confident retailers and consumers will consider it a plus.