R Insurance_Riviera CEO Wes Moxey and CML NSW State Manager Corey YeungRiviera, Australia’s Largest and most awarded luxury boat builder, in partnership with Club

Marine, has launched an exclusive new comprehensive luxury boat insurance package at the

Riviera Festival of Boating, held from May 23 to 26 at Riviera’s Coomera manufacturing facility.

Riviera and Club Marine also conducted a series of insurance workshops at the Festival to

assist boat owners to gain a better insight into what can be a complex topic for the uninitiated.

Riviera CEO, Wes Moxey, said R Insurance was designed exclusively for Riviera and Belize

owners and offered many unique benefits, including an agreed valve for three years and

accidental loss or damage insurance covering personal effects, tools and fishing, waterskiing,

and diving equipment. No excess is applied in the event of a claim for any damage or loss

while penned in a private jetty/pontoon or commercial marina and there is provision for cover

for machinery breakdown to motors or refrigeration units for up to six years from the date of manufacture.

“All of this adds up to unprecedented peace of mind and is structured at very attractive rates,”

Moxey said.

“Insurance policies vary greatly and it is often only the fine print that sets policies apart. It is not

until you arrive to make a claim that you find out that, in fact, the cover you thought you had is

different in reality, which is why Riviera and Club Marine held a series of workshops at the

Festival.” Club Marine NSW State Manager Corey Yeung said he had worked closely with Riviera to

deliver a policy package specifically dedicated to Riviera owners.

“We have been in discussion with Riviera for a considerable time and we came to understand

the features that Riviera boat owners most wanted to see in an insurance product,” he said.

“We are confident that, with R Insurance, we have produced something that is unique in the

industry and that will add peace of mind to Riviera owners who want to make the most of their

time on the water with family and friends.”

R Insurance also incorporates preferred repairers status for Riviera dealers with appropriate


“We are pleased to offer our customers cover within geographical limits up to 250nm off the

Australian and New Zealand coasts, while boat tender liability cover will be extended to cover

water-skiing, and there’s cover for injury to the named insured of up to $50,000. We also offer

an emergency 24-hour claims hotline,” said Moxey.

For more information about R Insurance, visit a Riviera dealer or go to: riviera.com.au.