Sailfish 20 AnniversaryIs it possible to get more boat than you budgeted for? Sailfish says it certainly is.

Twenty years ago, a legend was born as the Sailfish brand of quality aluminium catamaran powerboats were released onto the Australian market. Built right here in Australia, using high quality fittings and finishes, their longevity can be directly attributed to their focus and dedication in the unique niche they have carved out for themselves.

Strength, durability and all round Aussie toughness are the mainstays of the build with careful thought and consideration given to the internal layouts and design. Initially the company launched the larger 24 foot plus boats but in recent years, have turned their formidable skill in twin hull boat building to add some trailerable vessels to round out a complete model range from top to bottom.                   

To celebrate 20 years serving the Australian boating public, Sailfish are proudly launching a new initiative, The 20/20 Deal. Not only a cricket game, the 20/20 Deal is available at 2013 boat shows in Melbourne (June 14-17), Sydney (August 1-5) and closing at the Brisbane Boat Show on September 9. It is a unique opportunity for buyers to, quite honestly, get more boat than they budgeted for.

Available in limited numbers on a select range of models, new buyers will actually get 20 cm more boat than they pay for. For example come to the show and order a 6.3m Sailfish Shelf Runner and you will walk away with a massive 6.5 metres of Shelf Runner as Sailfish will add the extra 20cm at no cost to you. Everyone dreams of more space and being able to afford just a little more, and now thanks to Sailfish, you can.

The 20/20 deal is available on the Reef Runner, Shelf Runner, Canyon Master boats as well as the 2400, 2600, 2800 and 3000 Platinum Series, but be quick as these special custom models are only available in very limited numbers.

Sailfish boats are proudly distributed by Webbe Marine, so be sure to look them up at the boat shows to see for yourself, or visit


Image 1 Caption: The Reef Runner is the perfect boat for occasional fishing forays out wide and now comes with extra space for a limited time only.

Image 2 Caption: The Canyon Master now comes 20cm longer thanks to Sailfish’s 20/20 deal.


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