The sunshine brought the crowds to the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show each day and visitor numbers were up a resounding 12 per cent on last year, with 42,051 visitors over the four days compared to last year’s 37,571.

There were more than 300 exhibitors, 500 boats on water and land, and plenty of sales, leads and B2B carried out. Exhibitor sales were up, with $35 million in deals transacted this year and more expected to flow from leads generated during the event.

Many exhibitors reported that this year’s SCIBS was the best they had experienced in several years in terms of sales and leads, pointing to an improvement in the economy and a rebounding market confidence.  

Following the success of this year’s Show, the SCIBS team is optimistic of another lucrative show for exhibitors in 2015.

Dates are already locked in for the 27th Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show which will run from May 21 – 24 next year.

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