sMRT SOS Dan Buoy with waterproof case

sMRT SOS Dan Buoy with waterproof case

SOS Marine and Mobilarm subsidiary Marine Rescue Technologies (“MRT”) announce today that the sMRT Inflatable SOS Dan Buoy is one of the 45 products that have been nominated for final judging by the Design Award METS (DAME) 2014 jury. The products have been selected from a total of 116 entries from 23 nationalities from all over the world.

The Dame Jury assess entries for overall design, build quality, functionality and use of materials. Other factors taken into account are: originality, ergonomics and price/quality ratio. The short listed products are divided over seven individual categories.

Once thrown into the water and inflated, the sMRT SOS Dan Buoy becomes a visual marker and at the same time the sMRT technology is activated which sends out an alert signal automatically transmitting GPS coordinates to your chart plotter via AIS and DSC. The SOS Dan Buoy can also provide flotation for the casualty. Its visual and electronic capabilities truly reduce the Search in Search and Rescue.

MRT CEO Ken Gaunt commented: “This product is a clear alternative for those environments in which individual protection is not viable such as large passenger vessels and cruise ships, or those facilities such as oil rigs and wind farms in which additional standby measures address the additional safety requirements needed.”
SOS Marine`s, Ross Spencer added: “We are very excited for sMRT SOS Dan Buoy to become a global benchmark in response to a rescue situation. It is specifically designed to make rescue and recovery of a man over board incident a simple and reliable operation. The sMRT SOS Dan Buoy is a very easy to use product that delivers improved safety to commercial and recreational seafarers.”

The sMRT SOS Dan Buoy will be on display at METS Amsterdam, in November 2014.