The seagulls are out, the ice cream is melting and the sun is glistening over the water, summer has finally come to Australia again. The last topic on people’s minds whilst rushing around ticking off their Christmas to-do lists before bailing the family in the car and heading to the enjoy the water and boating activities, is the new and versatile options in water safety equipment options.  

SOS Marine, maritime safety equipment manufacturer, ensures that they have a device suitable for all marine safety circumstances. SOS makes it their prerogative to raise awareness of water safety and transform behavioural safety on the waterways, particularly in the busy summer season. Lifejackets, like all safety equipment, need to be checked and serviced at regular intervals if they are to fulfil their function in an emergency.  SOS accordingly has set up a service department which makes it effortless to have lifejackets serviced.

“There are a startlingly large percentage of life jackets which would not work properly in an emergency” says SOS Marine.  SOS lifejacket service department compiles a database of problems encountered daily on inspection of equipment.

SOS is proud of their product the SOS DAN Buoy. This product is aimed at improving consumers experience in an emergency situation. This multi-awarding winning device is creating one of the most significant changes to man overboard rescues in decades. The Australian product is known for its sleek, elegant, yet simplistic, design. The SOS Dan Buoy is proving popular due to its low maintenance, no assembly required structure. It is the only floatation of its kind in the world that is tested to elements of the ISO 12402 lifejacket standard and meets the Yachting Australia rules attached to the lifebuoy.

SOS Dan Buoy is suitable for all size vessels from the small Australian tinnies to search & rescue operations. It can be thrown by man, woman or child to someone who had the misfortune to go overboard.

SOS Marine ensure that they are constantly assisting the safety over those taking some much needed relax time by the water over the Summer months.

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