Deputy Mayor Donna Gates with Alan Steber, Steber InternationalThe Club Marine Australian Marine Export & Superyacht Industry Awards are presented annually to reward the outstanding achievements of Australian marine industry exporters and superyacht industry manufacturers, service providers and industry individuals. Last Night Steber International were awarded the ‘Most Innovative Exported Product’ award at the 2014 Club Marine Australian Marine Export and Superyacht Industry Awards Gala Dinner in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland.

Stebercraft Pty Ltd is not only one of Australia’s major luxury boat builders; it is also one of the Pacific’s best fibreglass commercial boat manufacturers.

Specialising in purpose built fibreglass boats, the wide range of highly successful proven Steber designs have been utilised for commercial fishing, diving and sightseeing charter, police, patrol and rescue operations, paramilitary, utility, and professional sport and game fishing work.

In 2013 Steber introduced its newest vessel – the Steber Solar Sailor Bluebottle – Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV). Since 2011 there was increased demand for security with the commercial & defense market.  Alan Steber, Managing Director, Steber International said “With pirates around the world creating shipping problems, oil and gas fields exposed to terrorism, boat people entering foreign waters – the need for multiple detection and surveillance devises has increased. “  To address this gap Steber International joined forces with SolarSailor in a major R&D program to develop this vessel.

Bluebottles operate on energy available at sea – solar, wave and wind and coupled with the fact they are unmanned, represent an ideal platform for low cost ocean surveillance both above and below the surface.

The Bluebottle’s unique design and technology can endure all sea conditions while providing a stable “roll-dampened” platform for above and below water surveillance with low-cost cameras and radar. It can also provide a communications link between aerial and submarine assets.

Self-deploying and self-retrieving, Bluebottles can roam widely or be kept on-station virtually indefinitely.

Defence, Oil and Gas are key target markets for this Australian USV technology.