KUNDA PARK: The Sunshine Coast is set to further its reputation as an innovation hub, thanks to a ‘world first’ range of surface repair products released globally this week by Kunda Park manufacturer, MagicEzy.

According to MagicEzy CEO, Warwick David Lindsay, boat owners find that performing DIY fiberglass repairs is time consuming, difficult, messy and potentially hazardous to their health.

Even trained boat repair professionals find that fixing fiberglass is difficult, with some repairs taking many days.

To solve these problems, MagicEzy has developed a range of patent-pending, all-in-one industrial strength repair solutions that fix, bond, and colour various types of damage in one application, in seconds.

“Professional looking repairs to chips, gouges, scratches, cracks and even hairline cracks can now be performed fast, even by a complete novice,” said Warwick David Lindsay.

“In many cases, repairs can be done in under 10 seconds, compared with days using traditional methods.”

MagicEzy products include 9 Second Chip Fix, 9 Second Scratch Fix, Hairline Fix, and Mega Fusion and due to their awesome technology can also be used on fiberglass, wood, ceramics, plastic, glass and masonry.

The brainwave for these product stemmed from Mr Lindsay’s 30 years in the auto paint touch up industry where he built a previous company to 400 technicians around Australia. He found that car paint was unsuitable for doing touch-ups because it was too thin, so he experimented with nano-technology to develop a patented touch-up paint with a higher fill rate so the repairs stayed in place and looked great.

These car products have been used for years to repair prestige cars on many of the leading Sunshine Coast car dealerships.

Warwick’s interest then turned to fiberglass boats following requests from boatie friends who saw his car products and wanted an easier way to perform fiberglass repairs.

Warwick found that repairing fibreglass is very different to cars and caused major changes to the technologies used. So in 2008 he sold his previous car repair company and enlisted the expertise of one of the world’s leading chemists in the coatings industry to refine the nano-technology-based high tech formulas to produce a range of pre-coloured proprietary fillers featuring structural grade adhesion to fibreglass and industry-leading fill rates.

MagicEzy was then born to offer these proprietary products through retailers worldwide. According to Mr Lindsay, following a display at the recent Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the company has received enthusiastic interest from distributors in the UK, EU, USA and South America. There is currently ongoing negotiations to distribute and release the product from their Sunshine Coast factory.

One of the reasons Mr Lindsay chose the Sunshine Coast as the place to set up his worldwide headquarters was because of the wealth of talent of people here.

“There is an immense number of very talented senior people commuting to Brisbane every day because of the lack of senior career opportunities on the coast. By setting up here on the coast we have the opportunity to draw on this talent pool and also provide locals with the opportunity to work near home instead of commuting for up to four hours a day.”

MagicEzy’s global distribution plans are set to bring exciting new employment opportunities to the Sunshine Coast.

Already, MagicEzy employ ten people locally and utilise the services of around twenty locally-based companies and contractors. They have plans to recruit five more people within the next three months in their Australian factory.