SV Scorpius sailed around Antarctica and North Pole used 8 x SUPER DECK 1000 litres tanksRising fuel costs across the globe have made it increasingly less cost effective in the marine industry.

A new bladder tanks range is one solution to rising costs that was recently introduced by Turtle-Pac.

Turtle Pac are manufacturers of collapsible tanks from 50 litres to 20,000 litres to hold water, fuels, chemicals, of standard and custom design. The “Super Deck Tanks” fuel holding capacity rangess from 150 to 1250 liters, with a new concept now seeing them being introduced to yachts.

 The heavy-duty double skin tanks are designed for long distance voyaging or deliveries. The tank’s voyages include large motor vessels a 58 ft Hatteras “Never Never Land” used 2 Voyager tanks to cross from Australia to Panama instead of 95 “Jerry cans”.

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