VEEM Limited has executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the highly respected Italian marine equipment distributor SAIM Group.

The objective of the MOU is to build the foundations for a Central European VEEM Gyro sales agency, bringing with it a new delivery platform for all gyro products.

The newly initiated relationship was announced at the 2013 SEATEC trade conference in Carrara, Italy.

Both VEEM and SAIM Group have well-established reputations for the supply and support of high quality marine equipment, and each looks forward to expanding its respective business through the MOU.

Paul Steinmann, Product Manager for VEEM Gyro, said:n “We are very excited by the opportunity to work with such a well respected group in the marine market.”

SAIM Group, originally founded as SAIM Spa in 1951, has been an important distributer to the marine industry since 1993, with the creation of SAIM Marine. Since then the company has been equipping applications ranging from recreational tourism to commercial vessels and is the supplier of choice for many of the most prestigious Italian shipyards. SAIM Marine distributes high quality equipment to over 3,000 customers along the southern coast of Europe, with operations based in Buccinasco , Fiumicino, Viareggio and Bologna in Italy, Punat in Croatia and Mandelieu in France, which is run by its sister company, SAIM France Sarl.