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key contact Ron Schroeder
address 49 Orchard Road
Brookvale NSW 2100

Rainman provides desalination systems that can be run as portable on your deck, or installed in your boat.  Powered by a self-contained petrols system, an AC motor, or a 12VDC option, it is designed to be easily moved about and conveniently stowed.  It’s an economical system created for those wishing to avoid the cost and complexity of a permanently installed system.  Our system is simple, robust, and designed for ease of use and maintenance.  This fresh approach eliminates unnecessary componentry, such as electronics, flow gauges, and back wash valves.  This simplicity not only reduces your initial cost, but minimises ongoing maintenance as well.  This high output reverse osmosis system can generate up to 140 litres per hour.  The pressure supply unit doubles as a pressure washer as well.  Rainman Desalination is actively seeking to expand our dealer network globally.