REO Sportsboats Pty Ltd.& TedTec Pty Ltd

The REO 7.7 One Design (25’) is a low weight, low windage and a high power to weight ratio sportsboat with performance more like a sports car, compare to other boats that are more like high powered trucks.
With only three or four crew the REO 7.7 is easy sail and move around on land. She moves seamlessly from displacement mode onto the plane.
The long chines make the boat very stable and the light weight means that as the breeze increases she accelerates quickly and the loads on the boat on all the sheets stay low so the speed is easy!

The Ropescrew by TedTec is a soft attachment fitting that is lighter, stronger, easier to install and cheaper than any other products. It is a Patent Pending fitting with structural holding capacity that can be installed from one side.
Ropescrew is a screw with a hole in the middle that strong rope like Dynex can be fixed through prior to installation. To install the Ropescrew you just drill and tap a thread and then screw it in. The Dynex can come with a block or low friction ring or you can fasten whatever you like to it.

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