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VEEM Gyrostabilizers are powerful roll stabilizers engineered for applications demanding a high degree of reliability in heavy duty environments. The five models available are suitable for vessels from 60 tonnes displacement up to 3500 tonnes. Applications include luxury motor yachts, patrol vessels, mine-hunters, fast crew transfer vessels and commercial offshore supply and work-boats. The units are self contained within the hull and as such there is no hydrodynamic resistance that can reduce speed, range or efficiency. Swimmers and divers are safe to move around the vessel without the risk of severe injury from contact with fast moving fin stabilizers. Launch and retrieval of tenders, toys, ROV’s and mini-subs is far safer due to greatly reduced vessel movements at rest. There is also no risk of damage from fouling or grounding. VEEM Gyrostabilizers provide enhanced stability at all vessel speeds, including low and zero speed, and set the standard for low noise and vibration.

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