Europeans and Canadians ahead of the game. What role will Australian boat builders play?

After two years of COVID travel restrictions, The Boot Show in Dusseldorf was again open, and electric boat designs and electric boat motors stole all the attention.

Crowds massed around the electric boat offerings, fascinated by their sleek designs and new hull concepts which is not just about marine electrification but a whole new approach to the boating experience.

There were millionaires’ toys, sleek powerboats, foiling boats (Candela won the highest boat award at the show, beating ICE competitors) there were all electric sailing boats and a Turkish electric Caravan/Catamaran hybrid. As voltage increases there were also attention being paid to fast charging systems for marinas.

So where are we in Australia?

Australia has had a vibrant boat building industry and still does a great job at Super Yacht refurb and maintenance services. We were world beating at designing America’s Cup Yachts, and rescue craft. Our main Innovator Ron was the largest surf boat manufacturer in the world at one stage – manufacturing entirely in Australia.

Yes, we are a small market, and this is often used as an excuse for why we don’t develop our innovation onshore. How many times have you heard about great Aussie Inventions going offshore because the market was not here to support it?

However, that excuse rings hollow when you look at Taiwan. No natural resources, a population the same size as Australia – and now the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of semiconductors.

At Eclass Outboards we welcome more electric motor and electric boat manufacturers in Australia.

In the meantime, we continue to work with both boat builders, designers and private individuals on the right electric outboard for their dream boats. A shout out to those Australian boat manufacturers who are factoring electric into their plans.

And because many Australians who enjoy boating are NOT millionaires who can drop half a million on a boat, we have launched our DIY Repower Kits – 8hp to 60hp to repower existing casings at an affordable price.

If you have a boat design concept that needs a custom electric engine, please get in contact