The AMI Group is excited and proud to announce that the EEL Emergency Escape Light is amongst the 2019 Nominees for the prestigious RAI METS Amsterdam DAME Award. The design and manufacture of the EEL is an achievement resulting from collaboration between AMI Group companies AMI and TMQ, involving an intense and thorough process of design and development with the goal of providing mariners with a safer onboard environment.

Nominated within the Lifesaving and Safety Equipment category, the EEL Emergency Escape Light is a world first and unique product, a roll angle and water activated device that automatically illuminates upon detection of an
abnormal roll angle (indicative of capsize) or immersion in water, and is impact proof to resist damage from falling objects.

In recent years numerous maritime tragedies have occurred within Australian waters where limited visibility and disorientation during and after capsize were critical factors, and the urgency to provide mariners with a bright light when it was most needed inspired the EEL’s design.

The EEL remains illuminated at maximum brightness for a minimum of 6+ hours once activated, is simple to install and virtually maintenance free, offering a two year battery life expectancy that can be easily renewed at an approved exchange centre. The patented product has numerous battery redundancies and will visually indicate when battery replacement is required.


For further information, please visit the AMI-TMQ website:, the METS Amsterdam 2019 DAME Nomination webpage, or contact the AMI Group.


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