news_image_782A potential vessel saving ‘boat bandage’ manufactured by Gold Coast company Turtle-Pac will be exhibited at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May.

The Collision Bandage is a unique device that prevents the leaking and pollution of tanks if a boat is damaged whilst on the water.

Turtle-Pac founder and inventor of the Collision Bandage Laszlo Torok has been involved in all aspects of inflatable manufacturing since 1978.

Invented in 2010, Mr Torok said the Collision Bandage is a highly effective temporary solution for damage to boats or other marine vessels that assists in ensuring boats can safely head back to shore.

“It’s an innovative device and it’s the first of its kind which works well for both pleasure boats and emergency services,” he said. 

“It is the only device that stops leaking and pollution of tanks if they hit a reef or something similar, which seems to be occurring more and more regularly.”

Once inflated the Collision Bandage produces buoyancy and lifts air pressure to rise, forcing the fabric to conform and press firmly against the hull to seal damage. 

The Collision Bandage is not dependent on water inflow pressure like other pre-existing collision mats.

Mr Torok also invented the world’s first Yacht Floatation System in 1985 after he narrowly escaped his yacht ‘Hussar’ capsizing during Cyclone Lance in 1984.