Sixty two jet skis have been stolen from Victorian residents in 2012, the highest number of reported thefts of personal water craft (PWC) on record. Crime Stoppers and Victoria Police are warning Jet Ski owners to secure their PWC before the busy summer season and to have their watercraft marked with a security identification system to deter theft.

Owners of PWC’s are being encouraged to have their watercraft marked with world leading technology security identification system, DataDotDNA®  in the lead-up to the holiday season. 

In the Melbourne area alone, a spate of Jet Ski thefts valued at almost $1 million in the past twelve months has police on alert and they will be increasing the frequency of spot checks.

Assets which have been marked with DataDotDNA® are easily identifiable by police, resulting in increased recovery of crafts, and can lead to the successful criminal prosecution of thieves.

Sam Hunter, CEO Crime Stoppers Victoria said, “Sixty two Jet Skis have been stolen from Victorians in 2012 alone.  This is a great opportunity for the community to fight back, marking their assets to deter the crime and provide police with an enhanced ability to investigate and prosecute the criminals.”

“Thefts for owners are more than just an inconvenience – having your property stolen causes frustration, costs money and results in increased insurance premiums,” said Ms Hunter.

In order to encourage security marking of jet skis, three leading Victorian Boat Dealers have responded to the call for action and will hold an Open Day on December 15th.

Victoria Police Water Police Squad Leading Senior Constable Mark Hurwood supports the initiative as one way the Victorian community can fight back against the crime.

“Thieves have had ready access to citizens’ property and identifying a Jet Ski as stolen is not always easy. Thousands of tiny data dot discs cannot be removed from the craft and that gives us the evidence we need to prosecute the crime.”

Owners can have DataDotDNA®, applied to their skis for a significantly reduced price of only $25. (Retail value of $99).The unique PIN on the DataDot is then registered on a secure database that is accessed globally by law enforcement agencies during investigations.  Application is quick and easy, with the process complete in approximately five minutes.

Leading industry insurance provider, Club Marine has joined the initiative to offset the price for all jetski/PWC owners and will cover the entire cost for all existing and new Club Marine members to have DataDotDNA® applied to all pleasure craft. Club Marine will reward member participation by waiving the theft excess for DataDotDNA® marked jet skis in the event of a theft.


Further information:

Samantha Hunter                                            
Chief Executive Officer                                    
Crime Stoppers Victoria                                   

03 9865 2171                                                  
0418 995 909                                                                                     

Event Fact Sheet : Crime Stoppers – Stop Jetski/PWC Theft Open Day

Date: December 15th, 2012
Time: 9am – 4pm


Melbourne Sea Doo
230 High St, Preston VIC 3072

Top Gear
17 Hartnett Drive, Seaford VIC 3198

Geelong Boating Centre
88 Barwon Heads Rd Belmont, Geelong 3216

Sponsor Contacts:

Nici Andronicus
DataDot Technology Inc  
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Ross Lambrick
Club Marine
0423 759 659

About: DataDot Technology Inc has been prevalent in the auto industry since 2002 and is widely used today by many manufacturers as an identification system and deterrent. It works by applying thousands of microscopic discs (DataDots) containing a unique code. The code on each DataDot is stored on a national database, accessible by police, who can use it to identify an asset. Warning stickers alert thieves that an asset has been marked, which often deters the thieves from targeting the asset in the first place.

One car maker alone has seen reductions in theft of over 84% in its vehicles since it began using DataDot DNA® to identify its products. Through raising awareness, its relationship with police and long-standing partnership with Crime Stoppers, DataDot Technology Inc hopes to replicate this theft-reduction success in the marine industry.