SLC410_Product Image_Red_1211_HRprDecember 2013 – Sealite is pleased to announce the SL-C410 3-5NM+ Solar LED Marine Lantern now has the option of an integrated GSM Monitoring and Control System for proactive asset management and enhanced remote lantern monitoring and control.

Sealite’s cost effective GSM monitoring and control system is an integrated module housed within the lantern, and is designed to allow convenient real-time monitoring and control of Sealite lanterns from remote locations.

The latest generation GSM monitoring system allows regular status updates or alarm reporting from the SL-C410 lantern to be sent to your cell-phone, email or Sealite’s secure web portal. In addition, users can remotely control flash code, intensity settings and operational modes.

GSM Communication Channels

  • Cell-Phone – Send and receive SMS messages detailing operational, positioning, battery and alarm conditions via a designated Sealite GSM cell-phone number for each fitted lantern.
  • Secure Sealite GSM web portal – Daily email report on lantern and power supply status, alarms, and enhanced reporting information including historical data and mapping.

    SL-C410 Solar Marine Lantern

    The popular SL-C410 is a robust, completely self-contained 3-5NM solar LED lantern specifically designed to withstand the tough marine environment, providing years of reliable, low maintenance service. The single LED optic provides exceptional power to light ratio, making it brighter and more efficient.

    The SL-C410 solar LED marine lantern with GPS as a standard feature and optional GSM Monitoring provides the complete lighting solution, allowing maintenance personel greater flexibility to monitor and control the navigation aid.

    Image: Sealite SL-C410 3-5NM+ Solar LED Marine Lantern with internally housed GSM module to maintain IP68 waterproofing