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Shipping To / From Australia

worldwide on a weekly basis.


Mediterranean to Australia. 

Performing Vessel: MV Fagelgracht.

Ports of call on route:
 – Genoa, Italy  February, 7
 – Fethiye, Turkey  February, 10
 – Phuket, Thailand  February, 25
 – Port Alma, Australia  March, 13
 – Newcastle, Australia  March, 15


Australia & New Zealand to Mediterranean.                       

Performing Vessel: MV Heemskerkgracht

Ports of call on route:
 – Newcastle, Australia  March, 25
 – Auckland, New Zealand  March, 31
 – Papeete, Tahiti  April, 15
 – Golfito, Costa Rica  April, 30
 – Palm Beach, FL  May, 6
 – St Thomas, Caribs  May, 9
 – Palma de mallorca, Spain
– Genoa, Italy
 May, 20
May, 24


UK, USA and Mexico to Australia & New Zealand. 

Performing Vessel: MV Deltagracht

Ports of call on route:
 – Southampton, UK  April 1 – 10
 – Palm Beach, FL  April 13 – 23
 – Freeport, Bahamas  April 15 – 25
 – Golfito, Costa Rica  April 20 – 30
 – Manzanillo / La Paz, Mexico  April 26 – May 4
 – Ensenada, Mexico  April 30 – May 8
 – Hawaii, HI  May 7 – 17
 – Papeete, Tahiti  May 15 – 25
 – Newcastle, Australia  May 20 – 30
 – Auckland, New Zealand  May 24 – June 3


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Click link to watch video of the MV Yacht Express during unloading and loading operations in Sydney last year.


Sevenstar Yacht Transport

The world’s leading provider of yacht shipping services Sevenstar Yacht Transport has over 25 year’s experience in worldwide yacht transportation from a global network of offices and exclusive agencies. The company is part of The Spliethoff Group based in Amsterdam which has its own fleet of more than 100 independent carriers and ships on average 1,500 yachts each year through more than 100 ports in over 40 countries, up to 60 meters and 650 metric tons.

Along with Sevenstar Yacht Transport acquiring Dockwise Yacht Transport, float-on / float-off services can now also be offered to clients on particular routes.

With our local office based in Sydney, Australia, we are here to assist both manufacturers and boat brokers alike with the shipping of their vessels and marine products, enabling them to reach the ever growing global market. Besides the ocean transportation we can arrange the trucking, packing, customs clearance and insurance of your goods – whatever your needs may be.

If the Sevenstar sailings do not meet your requirements, our special logistics department is standing by to serve you, for all your liner needs. So please feel free to contact us on the below or visit our website at:


Sevenstar Yacht Transport Australian Agencies Pty Ltd
20 Sarah St, Mascot
NSW 2020 Australia
PH: +61 2 9693 2100
FX: +61 2 9669 5255