VEEM Limited, well known Australian manufacturer of the popular interceptor propeller now announces its new 2014 gyro stabilizer model line-up ahead of this year’s yacht show season. The Gyro will be on display at METS with the VEEM Product Manager Paul Steinman on hand to answer any queries.

The models include the VEEM Gyro 120, VEEM Gyro 260 and VEEM Gyro 1000. The name of each model reflects the rated stabilizing torque developed (in kNm). VEEM believes that this provides further clarity for the market as to the performance of each model, as stabilizing torque directly provides vessel roll reduction performance. The units of angular momentum, previously used to identify product models, is only one of the elements that contribute to the delivered stabilizing torque.

The first batch of the VEEM Gyro 120 is about to undergo extensive in-factory and on-vessel sea trial testing in the ocean waters off Fremantle, Western Australia. Completed units will be available for shipping in October.

The VEEM Gyro 260 model entered production this month and will be available for shipping early in 2015.

The VEEM Gyro 1000 will offer a previously unimaginable level of stabilizing torque from a gyro stabilizer, providing the large superyacht and mega yacht community with an exciting new level of enhanced vessel operational comfort both at rest and underway. This model will be available towards the end of 2015, and interested parties are invited to discuss production slots for this product to match new vessel build project schedules currently in planning.

Describing the model range, the VEEM Gyro Product Manager, Paul Steinmann says, “The VEEM Gyro models are the first truly powerful gyro stabilizers that can provide strong stabilization both at rest and underway for larger vessels of over 30m length. Our products will continue to operate in rough conditions when other market offerings need to shut down to avoid damage to the gyro stabilizer.”

Steinmann further commented “we are convinced that once customers have had an opportunity to personally compare our products to other market offerings at METS*, we will not need to further explain that the VEEM Gyros represent a new industry benchmark in engineering excellence, finish quality, and structural robustness.”

The VEEM Gyro units are significantly more efficient at delivering stabilization torque when compared to the space they require, or their mass. From a cost perspective, installing fewer numbers of more powerful gyro stabilizers will always be significantly more efficient than installing large numbers of smaller weaker units.

After 10 years of intensive research and development VEEM are extremely proud of the significant step up not only in stabilizing torque, but also in quality and engineering, they are now able to offer the industry with these products. This is reflected in VEEM’s industry leading 5 year extended warranty.

VEEM Limited is a renowned manufacturer of innovative products for the tournament fishing boat, luxury motor yacht, and military and fast ferry industries. Operating from a 10500m^2 facility in Perth, Western Australia since 1968, the company was responsible for the very successful patented Interceptor propeller technology that allows the effective pitch of VEEM propellers to be altered, without even slipping the vessel. In addition to its product offerings, VEEM also manufactures stabilizing fins for the US Navy LCS vessel program, Austal Ships fast ferries, and both the Australian Naval and Customs Service Patrol Boat fleets. The VEEM Gyro is the company’s most recent innovative marine product development.

VEEM will be in the superyacht pavilion at METS but further details of the new gyros can be seen on the company’s website at