VEEM Engineering previewed its new range of gyrostabilisers for the first time at METS. The four new products, which will be marketed under the marque Halcyon Gyrostabilisers, are the culmination of almost a decade of research and development and the company say they represent an important step in gyro performance for superyachts, as well as commercial and military craft.

The company say the gyrostabilisers produce “significantly more power and performance than any other existing product running in a vacuum”. The new Halcyon range completely removes the requirement for fins – resulting in increased top speed due to reduced drag, significant fuel efficiency and emissions savings and confident access to shallow harbours and beach anchorages, with no grounding risk.

Supported by a market-leading five year warranty, VEEM say the Halcyon Gyrotabilisers deliver class-leading rolling motion attenuation while at zero speed or underway, with up to a 95 per cent reduction achievable through the use of powerful flywheels running under vacuum, and VEEM’s patented ‘SmartTorque’ advanced control software.

SmartTorque is designed to maximise roll reduction across almost all weather conditions, while guaranteeing safe operation in even the most powerful environments. The new control software is so advanced that the requirement for a motion sensing system has been completely removed, eliminating a point of failure and providing a more robust solution. Halcyon gyrostabilisers have also been developed to integrate seamlessly with other motion stabilisation systems, autopilots, dynamic positioning or heave compensation products, without any software interfacing.

The new range consists of four distinct models; the Halcyon 40, the Halcyon 100, the Halcyon 250 and the flagship model, the Halcyon 500 – which offers an angular momentum of 500,000 Nms and is suitable for large superyachts, naval patrol boats and offshore working vessels. Each models combines appealing design with cutting-edge engineering and physical sizes start at just 1540mm x 1100mm for the ultra compact Halcyon 40, with the powerful Halcyon 500 consuming just 2900mm x 2000mm of space.

“VEEM has a long-established reputation for developing innovative, high-quality, engineering based solutions for the marine market and our new range of gyrostabilisers is just the latest example of how, through a more exhaustive approach to R&D, you are able to engineer a product which offers a very real advantage over existing and competitive products,” commented Paul Steinmann, VEEM product manager for Halcyon Gyrostabilisers. “Until recently, gyrostabilisers were thought to be less effective at attenuating rolling motion than fin systems when underway. However, this is no longer the case and Halcyon Gyrostabilisers can boast significantly improved performance, safety and reliability – with none of the intrinsic disadvantages of external fins. This, for the first time, offers buyers a real choice in how they look to minimise rolling motion and improve seakeeping on their vessel,” he added.