VeemLogoMay092013 Australian Exporter of the Year VEEM Limited has had positive performance reports with their patented Interceptor™ propeller incorporated in eight recently launched and tested Cape Class Patrol Boats built by Austal for Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

This Interceptor technology combines the benefits of an advanced full custom 100% CNC machined propeller with the pitch adjustability provided by VEEM’s Interceptor™ technology.

Pitch adjustability is obtained by changing the height of a protruding Interceptor strip located at the trailing edge of the propeller blade. A dovetail groove is accurately machined into the blade face, and strips of different height can be fitted into the groove from an entry point near the hub. Changing the amount of protrusion effects the deflection of flow, and the result is a change in the “effective pitch” of the propeller. Each strip height is colour coded to make identification easy. Should the pitch of the propeller need to be changed, the existing strip is simply pushed out and a new strip of a different height is pushed in. The strips are made from a specially formulated high density polymer making them long lasting and resistant to damage. No adhesive or locking device is required to keep the strips in place, making the system extremely simple and robust.

Sea trials on the Cape Class vessels showed that the propellers performed to the expected efficiency and vibration levels. VEEM expects the Interceptor™ technology will save Australian Customs a great deal of time and money in the future.

As vessels get older, they tend to lose performance due to loss of engine power, addition of equipment or due the effect of warmer climates. Instead of lifting the vessels and physically de-pitching the propeller blades to adjust RPM’s, the Interceptor strips are changed underwater by a diver to the desired height with immediate effect. VEEM Interceptor™ strips also make fine tuning the propeller pitch upon first launch of a vessel a quick and effortless process.

VEEM Interceptor Propeller™ technology also ensures that the engine is always within its ideal operating envelope, ensuring maximum vessel performance. The technology also ensures that the engines avoid operating in an overload condition, maximising the life of the engines and preventing damage from overheating.

VEEM holds several international patents for the system which uses different height Interceptor strips to adjust the effective pitch of the propeller. Contact your nearest VEEM dealer to order your Interceptor Propellers™ now, or for more information, visit